2016, December 14. Barcelona (Spain), Responsible research and innovation: how to maximize the local impact of my research?

2016, November 21-22. Brussels (Belgium),  RRI Tools Final Conference “Responsible Research and Innovation In Action”

2016, November 15. Brussels (Belgium), Opening Science to Society

2016, November 9-10. Paris (France), World Science Day 2016: PERFORM presented at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris

2016, June 9-11. Graz (Austria), ECSITE Annual Conference 2016

2016, May 18-19.Tartu (Estonia), EUSEA Annual Conference 2016

2016, April 26-28. Istanbul (Turkey), PSCT 2016 Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference: The Global Conference on Science Communication. TBVT Presenting “Participatory science education approaches based on performing arts” and LAC presenting “Spectacular science: a reflection about limits and opportunities”

2016, April 15-16. Leiden (Netherlands), TEMI Final Congress 2016: “Teaching the TEMI way” congress

2016, March 18. Barcelona (Spain), 1st HEIRRI Conference “Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation”. UAB and UOC presenting “Performing RRI in science education: How to measure the impact?”

2016, February 16. Madrid (Spain), SWAFS Info Day. Invited speech by Project Coordinator (UOC)