Two hours of interactive seminars

to discover how to set up a performance

(parallel sessions in French, Spanish and English)


1. Stand-Up Comedy to laugh with science  

By The Big Van Theory

Room Miró 2

Stand-Up Comedy has had a tremendous success because it connects with audience’s emotions and daily life using humor… and we can use it as a powerful tool to communicate science. During this session, we will convert a scientific piece of news on a piece of Scientific Stand-Up Comedy. During the process, we will reflect on how science can be connected with emotions and daily life. Even more, we will enjoy a Scientific Stand Up Comedy show delivered by secondary school students to identify the key elements that should be included in a show to connect with young audiences.

The workshop will be delivered in Spanish

Monólogos científicos para reírse con la ciencia

La Stand-Up Comedy ha tenido un gran éxito gracias a que conecta con las emociones y la vida diaria de la audiencia…. Y puede ser utilizada como una potente herramienta para comunicar ciencia. Durante esta sesión, convertiremos una noticia científica en un monólogo que hable de ciencia. Durante el proceso, reflexionaremos cómo la ciencia puede s¡conectar con las emociones y con hechos del día a día de nuestra audiencia. Aún más, disfrutaremos de un show de monólogos científicos llevado a cabo por estudiantes de secundaria donde identificaremos elementos clave que deberían incluirse en un espectáculo para conectar con el público joven.

El taller se conducirá en español


 2. What does not kill us can only make us stronger!

Science Busking, an insiders guide to taking science out onto the streets

by  Science Made Simple

Room  2

Ever found yourself watching a street performer strut their amazing stuff?  

Maybe you liked them so much you even put some money in their hat?

Well come along to this completely hands on session and find out how PERFORM seeks to loose the street juggling, and loose the street magic, and replace them with street science!

We promise no volunteers will be harmed during this session!

The workshop will be delivered in English


3. Improvise your science!

by Les Atomes Crochus

Room Miró 3

Through games and drama exercises, we will gradually bring you to improvise around the research themes of young doctoral students, their daily lives as researchers and scientific research. Your vision of science will be confronted to that of researchers to give matter to exchange, debate and play!

The workshop will be delivered in French

Improvise ta science !

A travers des jeux et exercices de théâtre, nous vous amènerons progressivement à improviser autour des thèmes de recherche de jeunes doctorant•es, de leur vie quotidienne en tant que chercheurs•ses et de la recherche scientifique. Votre vision de la science sera confrontée à celle des chercheurs•ses pour donner matière à échanger, débattre et jouer !

L’atelier sera livré en français


4.  Teacher training interactive workshop

Perform: Bringing philosophy and performance into your science classroom

By the University of Bristol

Room 3

In our ‘post truth’ world, philosophical dialogue can provide much needed opportunities for school students to critically engage with science both in and outside of the classroom. This session will share best practice from teacher training programmes that were developed for Perform, which used performance activities to provoke philosophical thinking and to encourage critical discussion in the science classroom. We will collectively reflect on how to incorporate performance methods and activities into science lessons. The session will be based on a set of Perform teaching resources, which will be made available to all teachers at the end of the project.

The workshop will be delivered in English