WP5: Sustainability and policy impact


Authors: Casimiro Vizzini, Alex Da Silva, Rodrigo San Martín, UNESCO

This document highlights the main actions to be undertaken by the PERFORM consortium in order to ensure the sustainability of the project and its findings after the end of the project. Three axes have been identified to ensure the sustainability of PERFORM. First of all, the findings of the project (PERSEIAs and Toolkits) are the solid basis toward its sustainability. Second, the variety of partners and networks including policy and decision makers are also the keys to ensure the long last of the project. Finally, the legacy of PERFORM will be assured by a proactive consortium and stable funding sources that will allow the project to expand in Europe and beyond.




Authors: Casimiro Vizzini, Alex Da Silva, Jake Lewis, Giulia Bussoletti, UNESCO

This deliverable includes two policy briefs relating to both early career researchers and teachers. The briefs offer and make the case for the need for, policies to include early career researchers and teachers in new educational processes to motivate, inspire, and encourage reflection from young people, based on the findings and values of the PERFORM project.